There are various things that can affect the cost of a garage door. For example the size of the door, the addition of windows, insulation, or which door model. It may seem a bit overwhelming but we are here to help you every step of the way. In this post, we will break down the garage door pricing factors and how to choose the right door for you.

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What goes into garage door pricing?

Garage Door Size

Depending on the size of the door it will alter the cost. If you need a larger garage door there will be a larger cost to install it. Garage doors are standardized and have overlap between similar sizes, so the cost doesn’t heavily depend on size, but can vary depending on the material the door is made of.

Garage Door Material

As we mentioned above, what the door is made of has the most impact on the garage door cost. Some materials are more expensive, so understanding which material is best for your specific needs will help you make the most cost-effective decision. The most common garage door materials are metal, fiberglass/vinyl, composite, glass, or wood.

Number of Garage Doors

The next factor is how many garage doors you will need. The least expensive option is typically a single door depending on size and material of course. The price goes up depending if you need a double or even a triple garage door

Garage Door Type

Doors are often categorized by how they open and close. Here are the types of doors, sectional, single panel, swing-out/sliding, or roll-up. All these options differ in costs, but the most common is the sectional type.

Garage Door Design

When we talk about garage door design we are referring to the appearance of the door. We offer different designs depending on your aesthetic taste. We have a short panel, long panel, flush, sonoma, sonoma long, recessed, or raised design. You can design your garage door using our design tool. 

How to Choose the Right Door for You

With the variety of options and pricing factors, it may be difficult to find the right garage door for your home or business. When deciding on a garage door design consider the following:

Think about your needs, for example, what color will match your home, how much insulation you need based on your climate, whether you would like windows, and understand your budget.

All of these considerations are necessary for your purchase. If you are looking to get started and get a quote for a garage door contact the Garage Pros today!