Garage Pro was founded on the principles of value and customer involvement. We love the garage door industry so we started a business to be able to portray the love and excitement we have for upgrading the smile on your home, the garage door. Our customers love to see the value in what they purchase, our focus is to make sure we provide a visual value of what your money is paying for! ⁣

Garage pro specializes in all things garage door related. From commercial to residential, service calls, sales, and new garage door installs.

From our experience in the garage door industry, we quickly realized how important appearance is to a customer. What that means is something as simple as adding a Garage Pro branded bag with all the necessary owner’s manuals, remote buttons, coupons, instructions for setting up your smart opener, you name it! We make sure to put face plates around all your garage door opener-related electrical wires, we clean and wipe down any smudge marks on your garage door after an install or service call. These are just a few of the many valuable practices we have within Garage Pro.

You want to be heard and you want to be able to see the value of what you are paying for. With Garage Pro, we guarantee the value will be SEEN!

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